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Trio of "pimps" in Compton Arrested
Human Trafficking
San Diego Poster Campaign
Human Trafficking Awareness Posters
Shannon's Testimony (survivor of human trafficking)


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Trio of "pimps" in Compton Arrested

A trio of "pimps" who controlled a multimillion-dollar prostitution ring in Compton were arrested, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department announced. 
We are praising Jesus for justice done! We know that Jesus died on the Cross for these men also, but the Bible tells us that God is also a just God and will not allow sin to go unpunished! Pray that these men will repent and turn to Jesus as they serve time in prison. This is why the "team" continues to go out onto the "track" reaching out to the prostituted women, their pimps, and the johns (men who purchase them).

Human Trafficking

Most people have a narrow picture of human trafficking, especially sex trafficking: a young woman is lured away from her home, abducted to a distant location and forced to sell herself sexually. While this picture accurately describes one way trafficking occurs, it is also misleading because the situation it describes seems so foreign. If we think of trafficking in such limited terms, we begin to ...believe that such evil cannot touch our own families or communities. Unfortunately, human trafficking occurs in cities and suburbs throughout the United States.

San Diego Poster Campaign

Awesome!! San Diego is on board!!! Come on Inland Empire!!!!

"About 400 businesses across San Diego are being told to display city-designed posters that ask the public to report suspected human trafficking."

"Their outreach project stems from a state law that went into effect last April requiring certain businesses to display posters that promote awareness of human trafficking and refers victims to various resources."

"Businesses that do not display the posters may receive a notice of noncompliance.

Human Trafficking Awareness Posters

Praise Jesus!!
It takes ACTION to make a difference! Human Trafficking is taking place in your own backyard!! Victims are crying out for help every day! Watch the below video for the full story of how some have decided to take action in reaching out. Think about how you can take action in your own community.  Thank you!

"There's a new effort to reach people being victimized by human trafficking. Organizers say they're helping hundreds of victims, but there are many more out there.

Shannon's Testimony (survivor of human trafficking)

Please take time to listen to Shannon's testimony. For myself personally listening to her testimony helped me in my ministry as I speak face to face with so many prostituted women on the track. She says a lot of things that the young woman share with me about themselves. I really gleaned from Shannon. What a brave young lady. Please keep her in prayer (details in her testimony). She gives good advice to parents on how to keep your children safe from pimps. I encourage EVERY PARENT to listen to her testimony.

Gang Members In the Business of Sex Trafficking

More and more gang members are going into the business of sex trafficking (modern-day slave trading) because they can use a woman over and over and over again for a large profit, whereas a drug transaction is a one time sale and then they need to make another sale. But a woman is "reusable" MANY times in one day.
Click on the below link for the FULL news story:
"Over the last several years, the defendants in this enterprise had really expanded enterprise activities, like a profit-driven, fast-expanding corporation," Duffy said.

Human Trafficking At Super Bowl!!

Sex trafficking is a HUGE problem during Super Bowl EVERY YEAR!!!!
Hundreds of women are already being prepared by slave traders to be taken to New Jersey for profit. Please take a stand against this crime against children & women!!! And be praying for them!
Click on the below link for the full story:
"New Jersey has a huge trafficking problem," said U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., who is also co-chairman of the House anti-human trafficking caucus. "One Super Bowl after another after another has shown itself to be one of the largest events in the world where the cruelty of human trafficking goes on for several weeks.
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