The Repairer Of Broken Walls - Isaiah 58:12 "you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls"
We have been invited to a group home to
present to the teen girls and staff on
awareness of human trafficking, and to
spend time with the girls in a small setting.
What a blessing!! 

We are preparing backpacks to give to
the girls. Please help us fill the backpacks
with some of the following suggested items:
Socks, leggings, slippers, brush, gloves,
toothbrush, toothpaste, beanies, underwear,
blouse, journal, hairclip, costume jewelry.
**No aerosol sprays or shavers/razors.

Contact us at to
make arrangements for drop off and/or pick
up or with any questions regarding donations.

Or you can make a donation at:
and we will purchase the items to fill the
backpacks. All donations are tax-deductible.
Save your receipts to submit. We will also be
giving the girls hygiene gift bags which were
donated by Inland Hills Church in Chino.
Thank you to Judy Van Zitteren for heading
up the group who put the gift bags together
and blessed us with them to give to the girls!
Some of you donated Barnabus Bears last
year (we received 99 bears). Thank you!!
We will also be giving the girls bears.
Everyone should have a teddy bear.
God has BLESSED us and continues to
bless us with YOUR donations and we are
grateful!! But the real blessing comes when
we see the faces of the girls when they 
receive your gifts. One girl had tears in her
eyes as she was handed "gifts" and said
"This is for me?" May the girls see your Love
and our Love for them through our giving to
them freely and bring healing in their hearts.

Thank you!!

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